About the blog

A very wise psychiatrist once told me, “The best way to understand mental illness is to read literature.” His favorite book was Brothers Karamasov.

I was thoroughly relieved at the prospect of journeying through Psychiatry Residency armed with a natural love for books. Literary characters, of course, are not psychopathological per se (but the crazier, the more interesting) but they entertain and educate us with how colorful and intricate human nature can be. With a book in hand, we are temporarily omniscient. Thus, we learn to understand, not judge, why a certain person should act a certain way.

The main focus of this blog is not to criticize but to relate my learnings and experiences with what I read. I still feel believe that stories are there so we can learn something that can enrich our lives, i.e. give us a moral lesson. The more books we read, the more we realize that morality is also different shades of gray, or rather different hues of different colors.

Thanks for passing by my blog. If perchance, it changes even just a minute part of you, then everything is well worth it.


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