Sometimes, you can have a few essential pieces of technology and feel utterly content

14 Apr

Just the same way a little black dress and a white crisp shirt is essential to a tiny wardrobe, so are the gadgets piled up on my office table. Each day I gaze on my fuschia pink Nokia phone, netbook, iTouch and 3rd gen Kindle and feel at peace. I think the only way for me to even own an iPad is to join a raffle contest coz, honestly, aside from playing a large scale version of Angry Birds, what else am I gonna do with it?

Anyways, focusing on the Kindle. It’s something I’ve perused the internet for for months. My fellow consultant friend used to say, if you’re sure it’s not an impulsive buy, wait a week to know if the burning desire to possess it is still there. So I made sure and bought it 6 months later.

Sigh, what a wonderful, wonderful thing. All those fabulous ebooks just a click away. You lose the nostalgic smell but the paperback gray background with clear print contrast is still there. It’s perfectly simple — no Angry Birds to distract you, no eye strain from the backlight. A huge plus is, if you manage to fall asleep and roll on it, it’s still intact (at least in my case). So every bookworm out there will a teeny tiny salary like we medical residents do should just get one…now.

Ok, too much gushing. On with the reading!


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